The last wave of our story


Traduction du livre La dernière vague de notre histoire

What was supposed to be a wonderful weekend on a fishing trip for a family of five people in the Côte-Nord region turned into a nightmare as violent winds surged through the waters of Lake Cacaoui. Will they be able to survive the immensity of this lake? Will they live through the freezing cold night in the forest? A wave of human solidarity will help them face the physical and mental trauma that this tragedy caused. Despite this beautiful solidarity, a woman will have to form a shell around herself, since humanity also has a side to it that’s gloomy, and sometimes even cruel. In this era of social media, she’ll sadly have to come face to face with completely senseless cruelty. Will she have the strength to get through it all?

The author, Sonia Poirier, laid down a particularly difficult part of her life on paper. Whether it was to exorcise her pain or try to understand why and how everything had happened, she put in her heart and soul to finally reveal the whole truth of what really happened on that fateful day, on September 8th 2018.